IPv6 Detector


Simple IPv6 detector widget for WordPress to promote IPv6. It provides:

  • Detect if user is using IPv6.
  • Keep statistics about v4 and v6 hits.
  • Link to a whois service.
  • Widget admin to change messages, reset stats and change whois url.

It was born because of my own blog. I needed to include a little box that shows users ip and different messages depending on the ip version.

The idea behind this is to promote and leave a way to discover and make sense about the ipv4 address space limits.



It's supossed that your blog is running on a host that supports networking with dual stack mode, so your blog is visible both to IPv4 and IPv6 world.

It's not a must. The plugin will work good with IPv4 and/or IPv6.


  • June 27 2011: Bugfix with the "sticky url" for the whois service 😉
  • June 20 2011: There is a sort of "port" of this plugin as a Joomla extension. The same name and code as version 1.0, but without copyleft. ¬¬.
  • June 14th 2011: New release, v1.1 includes few stats about web hits made through v6 or v4.



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